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Booking Scheduling and More Edge of the Woods Music.

Spring 2024 News

Jazzbugs have prepared an inspired program highlighting the prolific number of songwriters from 1920's Buffalo, New York. Looking forward to presenting this in W.N.Y. soon.
Also available for concerts, social events, and Roaring 20's themed occasions.

Sound clip below.

The Jazzbugs' music features toe-tapping, quick-witted, uplifting hot jazz in the rich tradition of 1920s and 30s Buffalo songwriters such as Jack Yellen and Harold Arlen, to name a couple.

B R I A N    B A U E R   ( a k a  “ D r .  J a z z ” )
saxophone and clarinet
Brian studied under the famous teacher Marvin Kam, who studied under the legendary Rudy Wiedoeft in the late 1920s. Brian continues the tradition of Vaudeville-era styles via period instruments, early microphones and clothes, and -- oh, yes -- humor.

Instruments used by the Dr.:
1922 Holton C soprano saxophone
1928 Holton “Rudy Wiedoeft Model” C melody saxophone
1929 Holton “Rudy Wiedoeft Model” alto saxophone
1929 Holton “Rudy Wiedoeft Model” tenor saxophone
1929 Holton “Rudy Wiedoeft Model” B-flat soprano saxophone
1940 Holton Triple Octave baritone saxophone
1923 Conn bass saxophone
1908 Buffet Albert System Bb clarinet
1927 Selmer Paris Model washboard
Voice comes from a megaphone that has been stuck in his throat since birth.

W I L L    W I L S O N
guitar, banjo, and vocals
Will has performed with Toronto’s Rainbow Gardens Orchestra, the New Blue Four, aboard Princess Cruise lines, and as featured banjoist for the Niagara Symphony’s 1998 Gershwin centennial celebration.

Will plays a 1927 Bacon and Day Silver Bell No. 1 plectrum banjo, a 2006 custom-made Michael Dunn guitar, and a 2013 Caftellucia Guitar. His musical heroes include guitarists Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt, and George Barnes, banjoists Sleepy Hall and Eddie Peabody, and pianist Fats Waller.

E D   W O O D S
Ed was fascinated by the music of Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong and Fletcher Anderson in cartoons as a child and instinctively knew that he would become a musician. His fate was sealed when he spotted an upright bass in the window of Denton, Cottier and Daniels on Court Street in downtown Buffalo. Initially self taught, Ed later studied with Ted Meyer of the Buffalo Philharmonic and attended Jazz Workshops hosted by renowned Jazz pianist Al Tinney, who recognized and encouraged his development.

Ed has participated in the Young Audiences Concert Series in schools throughout NY State and provided music for film and television projects.

Ed currently plucks, strums and bows a German bass circa 1850, a Juzek 1900 and a Kay 1940s.

Enjoy some Jazzbugs Music.

1. Happy Feet
2. Hobo’s Prayer
3. Orange Blossom Rag
4. Sadie Green
5. Sax-O-Phun
6. Crazy Words
7. Dont Mean A Thing
8. Alexanders Ragtime Band
9. Hobo's Prayer
10. If I Had A Talking Picture
11. Moaning Sax Rag
12. Motens Swing
13. My Baby Just Cares For Me
14. Nobodys Sweetheart
15. Puttin On The Ritz
16. What Are You Waiting for Mary
17. Hello I must be Going

Booking through Edge of the Woods Music.

I am very familiar with the musicianship of Brian Bauer (aka "Dr. Jazz"), having had the good fortune of performing with him in a variety of groups, including my own, several times over the last 20 plus years. Anyone who has heard Brian or performed with him, knows why he is a "first call musician". He is an excellent musician, vocalist and entertainer. He knows the history of the music included in this CD and he "lives" it, and makes it come alive with his interpretation of the music. His "talking" instruments and corny period jokes make for a fun-filled performance. You can depend on Brian's talents to broaden your musical experience and brighten your day. I'm also well acquainted with the talents of Will (Willie) Wilson, having also performed with him in a variety of groups over the same period of time. I particularly enjoy his banjo prowess and it seems to me that his is happiest when playing it. His guitar and vocal talents only add to his total performance. I don't know Ed Woods as well as his cohorts, but it is obvious from his performance ,that his talent adds to the "bottom of the band" that musicians know is so important to any group endeavor. His relaxed style definitely adds to the other musicians comfort zone. If you enjoy music from the early years of this century, this is the CD you'll want to add to your collection. If you're not familiar with the music of this period, you soon will be, and it will be an enjoyable experience. The musicians obviously enjoy performing together and their efforts prove that this "period" music is still very much alive and well. "Straight Ahead".

Ted Howes
Former host of “At the Jazz Band Ball” on WBFO FM, NPR, Buffalo