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Nietzsche's Sundays
New songs, new jokes, high-spirited fun, all night long. Yowza, yowza, yowza. See you there.
☛ 8:30 pm ☛ 11/12 ☛ 11/19 ☛ 11/26

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☛ Jazzbugs
   Nietzsche's Sundays
New songs, new jokes, high-spirited fun, all night long. Yowza, yowza, yowza. See you there.
8:30 pm 12/17 12/10 11/26 11/19 11/12 10/29 10/22 10/15 10/08 09/24 09/17
Special guest Josh Assad high-spirited fun, all night long. Yowza, yowza, yowza. See you there.
New songs, new jokes, high-spirited fun, all night long. Yowza, yowza, yowza. See you there.
   Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts
A well run festival with lots of music and fun. To 11:45am
11:00 am 08/26
   Nietzsche's Sundays
New songs, new jokes, high-spirited fun, all night long. Yowza, yowza, yowza. See you there.
8:30 pm 08/20 08/13
   The TD Niagara Jazz Festival
The Niagara Belle Paddle Boat sold out Sat July 29 and Sunday the 30th. A fantastic crew and exceptionally captivated audience incited enormous gaiety despite Dr. Jazz jokes.
11:00 am 07/30 07/29
   Nietzsche's Sundays
Jazzbugs School of Bugology encourages young talent. Will Blanda guitarist sat in and tore up the Reefer Man. Zippity Doo Daa. Devon Zimmer, one of the few existing millennial tenor banjo enthusiasts sits in with us. Not to be missed.
8:30 pm 07/23
New songs, new jokes, high-spirited fun, all night long. Yowza, yowza, yowza. See you there.
07/16 07/09 06/25 06/18
New songs, new jokes, high-spirited fun, all night long. Yowza, yowza, yowza. See you there!
05/28 05/21 05/14
Buggs thank Jackie, Sandy, Tom and everyboby else at Nietzsche's for celibrating Brians birthday. A suprize Birthday party for DR. Jazz. Hip Hip Hurray!!
9:00 pm 04/16
A token of gratitude extended to Josh Assad for filling in for Will on guitar April 9th while Will was in Amsterdam (wink wink Nudge Nudge).
   Oliv Restaurant of Strewn Winery
Had A high spirited matinee at Oliv restaurant of Strewn Winery, 1339 Lakeshore Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 905-468-1222. Sunday the 2nd look forward to another good time there
5:00 pm 04/02
   The Old Winery
On December 13th at The Old Winery we were joined by the dance troupe "The Lindy Hoppers." The band encouraged people to dance and participate, and they did so and enjoyed the evening thoroughly.
2:00 pm 12/13
   Hydraulic Hearth
On December 3rd Saturday we performed at the Hydraulic Hearth. The band would like to say thanks for the brick oven pizza -- if you haven't tried one yet, check it out.
   Harry's Jazz Bar
Shout out to Clark and Lisa Bitter at Harry's Jazz Bar. Saturday November 5th was Zippity Dudelin all night long. Stay tuned; the Bitters are to open another club soon.
9:00 pm 11/05
   Nietzsche's Sundays
October 30th Nietzsche's, Prizes for the best - creative Dr. Jazz look alike. Last year Megan zagged in perpetual motion, Dr. Jazz zigged, soul mates zigzagged. You know what I'm sayin.
Our apologies to the fans who came to see us. Ed's knee was uncooperative and we are back this Sunday, October 9. Thanks to Ben and the Jazz Cache for filling in on such short notice. To show our appreciation for everyone who came down expecting to see us, we will play extra fast and loud.
8:30 pm 09/25
   Gravenhurst Opera House
The Jazzbugs played a concert at the Gravenhurst Opera House in Ontario (near Georgian Bay) on Saturday, September 3. We played with Jack Hutton on piano and Bob Livingston on trombone, to a very enthusiastic, near sell-out crowd. Thanks to the Gravenhurst crew (including Martin on sound) for their hospitality. Check out video on the Jazzbugs page.
5:00 pm 09/03
   Niagara on the Lake Jazz Festival
Dr. Jazz & company played two gigs at the Niagara on the Lake Jazz Festival on July 30th. -- one downtown and one at Megalomaniac Winery. The downtown affair was very well run! Special thanks to festival coordinator Peter Shea, who provided us with a nice sound system and stage. The festival drew a substantial crowd; we made some new friends (Ashley and Reinhardt come to mind readily) who played as a duet following us. Their act was a joy to be associated with. Among other friends that played at the festival: John Sherwood and too many others to mention. Be sure to have your passport ready and check out the festival next year!
   Camp Ichee-Goomey
The Jazzbugs would like to extend our gratitude to the staff at Camp Ichee-Goomey for their very professional soundstage, great food and conversation. A great stay was enjoyed by all. Each of our shows were a hit with the audience, mostly kids; we played the 19th, 22nd, and 29th of July
   Hydraulic Hearth
The 'Bugs played at Hydraulic Hearth on a hot summer day back in July; the ninth, to be exact, from 12pm to 3pm.
   Grant Street Diversity Festival
Did you go to the Grant Street Diversity Festival on June 25th? There was plenty to eat, with food representing EVERYWHERE, with lots of live entertainment; we played a rousing set to kick off the festivities
   Nietzsche's Sundays
Prizes for the best - creative Dr. Jazz look alike.
8:30 pm 05/30
   Hydraulic Hearth
(716) GAL-LERY. Hydraulic Hearth restaurant and brewery Threw a rousing prohibition party Saturday Dec. 5th at 716 Swan Street in Buffalo. Great place in the Larkin district. The Jazzbugs look forward to playing there again soon.
5:00 pm 12/15

Always check here for correct times and dates to be sure.

On the Jazzbugs off nights (the first Sunday of each month) at Nietzsches, you can catch our good friends Ben Levitt, Dave Phillips and the Jazz Cachet, filling the house with a wang dang doodle lubricious sound.

Thanks to Joe Brancato (piano) for subbing for Will at Nietzsches November 15th. Fun Wow!

Thanks to Josh Asad and Rick Strauss at the UB Swing Dance at University at Buffalo South Campus.
Shout out to Alok Bedmutha and crew thier enthusiasm makes for an extraordinary event.

Sunday nights at Nietzsches 8:30 start

The 33 Speakeasy Grill, 3455 Genesee Street, West of Union Road in Cheektowaga sure know how to throw a party. It was a cellabration of their first anniversary, Wednesday, October 7th. Look forward to playing 33 again soom.

Sandy and Bob were great hosts at Forest Lawn Cemetery Concert at the gazebo Monday July 27th, 7:30pm to 8:30pm.
It was a beautiful night and a fabulous concert series.
Look forward to next year ...... R.I.P. ......

We had a blast at the Essex St. Pub Clam Bake Dr. Jazz & the Jazzbugs. Saturday June 6th, 5:00pm to 7:00pm 'ish
Thanks for coming by and saying hello to Mackie and having some fantastic food.

The 'bugs played June 20th at Hot Mama's Canteen on 12 Military Road in Blackrock for their first anniversary party. Hot Jazz, Hot Mommas, great food great staff.

An excited welcome back to Megan! She is resuming her Sunday night shift at Nietzsche's, which will be punctuated by the numbers she sings with the Jazzbugs.

We would like to thank Ben Levitt and the Jazz Cache for filling in at the last minute on May 3rd at Nietzsche's.

The Jazzbugs played at the 33 Speakeasy Grill at 3455 Genesee Street, West of Union Road in Cheektowaga on Friday, October 17th. Stay tuned for details on another upcoming Jazzbugs performance at this venue.

On September 13th we played a swing dance at the Polish Cadets Hall. The evening was well-attended with enthusiastic dancers. The Jazzbugs alternated sets with Fredtown Stompers and ended with a fun jam including both bands.

Saturday 20th saw the 'bugs perform at a surprise birthday party arranged by Bob Sowyrda for his wife Darcy. There were a number of musicians there, including:

James Newhouse -- blues, folk, Americana.
Keith Wooden - Jazz violinist and mandolin.
Bob Sowyrda - all-around musician who occasionally plays with the Jazzbugs.
William J Cooper - A terrific drummer who makes a fantastic hot sauce under the name Koop's Kitchen.
It was another evening with cooperative weather, good food and fun for all.

At the Lewiston Jazz Festival on August 23rd, The Jazzbugs played and had fun among the many performers.

Ben Levitt and Anthony, two enthusiastic bass players, Pete on trombone, Kathrine Koch, Noelle and others occasionally sit in with the Jazzbugs. We even had master Senegalese percussionist Alassane Sarr accompany on the bongoes for a multicultural musical exchange. Every so often we have an after-show jam session where Ben and Alassane will pitch in, and we hope more is forthcoming. It is always and inspirational and fun time and we would like to thank them for their time and energy in helping piece together these impromtpu night-time adventures.

The Jazzbugs played at the Buffalo Repertory Theater's Mardi Gras party, Saturday, March 1. It took place at the Ascension Episcopalian Church at North and Linwood. It was a great and fun event with lively performances of all kinds. Special thanks to Matthew for a great experience.

The 'Bugs performed a very well-attended going away party for Rob and Zoey of the Buffalo Swing Dance Club, held at the Polish Cadets Hall on Grant and Amherst on Saturday, January 4, 2014. Also playing were the Fredtown Stompers, who performed an excellent set. We alternated sets with the Stompers, and ended up jamming with them at the end of the evening.

Good luck with your move, Rob and Zoey -- we'll miss you!

Anyone wanting to learn more about swing dancing should check out the club on Tuesday nights or visit

Joy to the world! Ann Philippone has brought a new piano into Nietzsche's! Rejoice! Ann and Don have returned from a trip to Spain and she has resumed her Sunday show. Come in early enough to hear her set! Her unbridled enthusiasm bounces off the walls; everyone in between those walls benefits from the energy.

We're still mad for Megan! She will appear occasionally to sing her Sunday spell with the 'Bugs.

In case you missed it, Dr. Jazz recently accompanied Leon Redbone at the Tralf. The doctor added the diddy-wah, and a little more diddy to the performance. It was a great show and a great time. We hope to see these two old friends play again in the future.

Congratulations to Alex and Marta, whose wedding reception at the LaFayette Hotel hosted many well-wishers. The Jazzbugs very much enjoyed playing the event, and a good time was had by all.

The Jazzbugs also recently played a surprise party for Alan and Kathy Wieser's 25th anniversary. Their son Eric sat in on bass for much of the set; his performance was super melodic and energizing. Fantastic! We would like to thank Tara, Eric and Chris for throwing a blast of a party.

A big Jazzbugs thank you to Honorary Jazzbugs: Bill Basel, drums; Josh Assad, guitar, Kevin Doyle, Bob Sowyrda, and Joe Brancato, piano. They did a great job filling in while Willie was away.

We played a holiday celebration for Casey and David, which was enjoyed by all. Great partaayyy. It was good to meet up with some old friends and meet new ones. David's trip to Japan this April sounded like a real blast; he brought home some 1000-year-old eggs with some very provocative fortunes contained within. As of press time, it appears he has released and ancient curse that looms grimly on Buffalo's horizon, threatening certain destruction at any moment. Thanks for leaving us in a smoldering crater where our city used to be, David. (Godzilla)

In October we played the Pine Street Oktoberfest in downtown Niagara Falls. We had great time and the sound man did a great job. Immediately following the show it started raining buckets, soaking Dr. Jazz's Studebaker..

The Jazzbugs performed at the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts on Saturday, August 24, 2013. The festival was especially well-organized, and we would like to thank Miss Dee for her efforts. There was a lot of great live music and we were happy to be included.

The Jazzbugs performed at Kenmore Days on July 30, 2013, to a large outdoor crowd. The crowd took to their feet and danced; among them were many energized Kenmore kids. Stay tuned for next summer's performance date.

The 'Bugs were excited to play the First Friday show at the Albright Knox on September 6, 2013. Their auditorium is one of Buffalo's best-kept secrets, managed by a top-flight staff. Thanks to Jessica and Tom for a great experience. Please do check out the performance space if you have a chance.

A shout-out to Joe Rubino, Val, Derek, Megan, John Lombardo, Ray Rock, Freddy K.,Stephany and everyone who makes Sundays at Nietzsches so fun!